Punk Powder has landed! Here at Muc-Off, we’re always looking for rad new ways to reduce single-use plastic and water usage along with our carbon footprint as part of our Project Green initiative. So we set ourselves the epic task of producing the world’s first plastic-free bike cleaner!

*When compared to 2 x bottles of 1L Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

It took our lab boffins over three years to create this high-tech powder cleaner wizardry. Why so long? Well, it’s really difficult to create something in a powdered form that offers phenomenal cleaning power, whilst also being plastic free, readily biodegradable and which contains as many plant-based ingredients as possible. We trialled over 20 development variations before landing on the one; but here it is – ready for you to experience the future of bike cleaning.



Our cleaners have been the benchmark for bike washing since they arrived on the scene in 1994, and our new powder delivers epic cleaning performance, in a smaller and more convenient 30g pouch. Formulated using the latest technological advancements and plant-based ingredients, our newest creation is incredibly safe for the environment and all bikes and finishes.



Sustainability built in? Damn right! We’ve worked on every aspect of Punk Powder to make sure it’s as green as can be. The powder is made from readily biodegradable ingredients, of which 75% are plant-based, plus it’s vegan and vegetarian friendly and like all our products, never tested on animals.



You can go full eco-warrior and use rainwater to refill your bottle! It’s extra eco-friendly and reduces the amount of processed tap water you’re using to clean your bike. Any water can be used if it’s clean. So next time you’re bikepacking, bring a sachet and you can keep clean, wherever the ride takes you.



Our packaging is 100% plastic-free and petroleum-free and is made from more than 50% renewable raw materials – we even used vegetable-based inks! Each sachet is compostable and certified to EN 13432 standard. The two sachets come in a recycled FSC card box, with a huge 92% packaging saving compared to 2 x 1L of Nano Tech cleaner.



Thanks to Punk Powder being water-free, it’s significantly lighter and smaller to ship. This dramatically reduces our CO2 impact throughout the entire global supply chain, giving the product end-to-end sustainability. Globally, we’ve calculated that by using Punk Powder, we will save more than 61 tonnes of plastic per year from being used.



Our new Bottle For Life is a long-lasting aluminium bottle that’ll stand the test of time and grime! It comes with a base made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone, to protect the bottle if dropped and to provide stability. We’ve thrown together the Bottle For Life and Punk Powder to create a cleaning bundle of dreams.