Indoor Training

Spending more time in the pain cave? Our range of Indoor Training range includes everything you need to keep you clocking those indoor miles over the winter months.

Why Do I Need Indoor Training Gear?

Don't let bad weather dampen your training routine. Our Indoor Training Series offers the tools you need to keep pedaling indoors. Check out these essentials:


Sweat Protect shields your bike from corrosive sweat with this protective cover. It's designed to keep your bike's finish looking new during intense indoor workouts. Our Absorbent Bike Mat is ideal for preventing floor damage and reduce noise with this durable mat. Its non-slip surface ensures stability while you focus on your training. The next pain cave essential is our Luxury Chamois Cream. Enhance your indoor riding comfort with this chamois cream. Its antibacterial properties reduce friction and irritation for a smoother experience. Lastly don't go without our Indoor Training Kit. It's now bigger and better & packed with everything you need to keep clocking up indoor miles during winter or rainy days.