Bicycle Workshop

Pimp up your workshop with our durable and hard-wearing Workshop range. Designed specifically for bicycle mechanics.


Why Do I Need Quality Bicycle Workshop Tools?

Become your bike's own mechanic with our Bicycle Workshop tools. Keeping your ride in tip-top shape has never been easier. Check out these workshop must-haves:


Nano Tech Bike Cleaner: This powerful cleaner cuts through grime effortlessly. It's safe on all parts and surfaces, making your bike cleaning routine a breeze.
X-3 Dirty Chain Machine: Achieve a deep clean with minimal effort using this chain cleaning device. Its tough nylon brushes scrub away dirt for a spotless chain.
Tubeless Valve Kit: Convert to a tubeless setup effortlessly with this kit. It includes valves, sealant, and tools for a hassle-free transition to better performance.