Bicycle Brushes, Cloths & Sponges

Our brushes, cloths and sponges have been designed specifically for use on bikes - gentle on paintwork, tough on muck and grime!


Why Do I Need Quality Cleaning Brushes, Cloths, and Sponges For My Bike?

Maintaining your bike's appearance is as important as its performance. Our Brushes, Cloths, and Sponges collection makes cleaning a breeze. Don't miss these must-haves:


Wheel & Component Brush: Clean those hard-to-reach areas with ease using this brush. Its durable bristles and ergonomic design ensure thorough cleaning.

Microfiber Cloth: Achieve a streak-free shine with this ultra-soft cloth. It's perfect for wiping down your bike's frame and other surfaces without scratching.

Expanding Microcell Sponge: This sponge's unique cellular structure maximizes water absorption, making it ideal for soaking and cleaning larger areas effectively.