The Muc-Off Tubeless range is here and contains everything you need to set-up tubeless, run tubeless and keep your ride running smoothly. From valves to sealant, road to downhill we've got you covered.


Tubeless tire setups have been around for a while now in the mountain bike scene, and are now becoming increasingly popular among gravel, and even road cyclists. It just makes sense. A tire that seals its own punctures is a pretty incredible thing. If you’re going to run a tubeless setup, you’ll definitely need the key ingredient that makes that magic happen: Tubeless Sealant. Looking to convert to tubeless? Our Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit is a complete kit with every essential needed to join the tubeless revolution.

What Are The Benefits of Making Your Bike Tubeless?

Eliminate pinch flats: caused when you over-compress and pinch the inner tube.
Reduced rolling resistance: as the tire is more compliant without having a tube in there. Reduced resistance equals a faster (and smoother) ride!
Increase comfort and control: with a more pliable tire, you can shred rooty, rocky corners with ease too!
Less faffing, more shredding: of course, you'll spend less time fixing flats, so you’ll be first to the pub/ café stop!

Must Have Tubeless Accessories

Need to keep your tires topped up? Grab one of our CO2 Inflator Kits to rapidly inflate your bike's tires in no time. If your puncture is too big for a normal patch, then it’s time to reach for a Puncture Plug. They’re an on-the-go way to repair holes in road, MTB or gravel tires.