Check out our range of eBike specific clean, protect & lube products, developed with the unique needs of eBikes in mind.

Why You Should Use eBike Specific Products

The Muc-Off eBike collection is our product range developed with the unique needs of electric bikes in mind. eBikes are typically heavier, operate at a higher torque load and have delicate componentry. The products featured in our eBike Range, such as eBike Dry and Wet Lube and Waterless Wash will help you clean, protect, and lube your eBike to keep it running smoothly and efficiently for longer.

Which Products Do You Need For Your eBike?

If you've just bought a new eBike, the best place to start is one of our eBike Kits. We'd recommend the eBike Essentials Kit to get you started. The kit contains two of our eBike specific lubes, that have been formulated with a unique eBike lubricity additive pack that laughs in the face of the extra torque, and can withstand a beating from even the most powerful eBike drivetrains!