Bicycle Lube

Wet Lube? Dry Lube? All-Weather Lube? Dropper or aerosol? Choosing the right bike chain lube can be intimidating with such a wide variety of options.

Check out our video where Chopper explains which lube is right for you and your bike.


Why Put Bike Lube or Oil on Your Chain?

A well-lubed chain will help to increase the precision of your gear shifting, helping to engage the gear you want when you need it. It'll also help to reduce friction, meaning less of your effort is wasted through mechanical inefficiency.

Keep rust and corrosion at bay. Bike lube helps to create protective layer on your bike's drivetrain, preventing rust and corrosion from forming.

Which Lube Do I Need For My Bike?

Choosing the right lube for your bike can be difficult, but it doesn't need to be! If you're likely to be cycling in wet weather then you're best choosing a Wet Bicycle Lube. This will help to repel the water and mud that flicks up when cycling in wet conditions. If you're likely to be in dry weather, go for a Dry Bicycle Lube. A Dry Lube will perform better in dry and dusty riding conditions, helping to provide smooth and quiet gear shifting.