If like us, you take pride in the way your bike looks and performs, then it’s time you learned how to care for it. After all, a clean bike is a happy bike!

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to clean, protect, and lube your motorbike to achieve that factory-fresh look, and racetrack-ready performance.


The first step is to clean your bike. 

Chances are, your chain is going to be the filthiest area on there and will need tackling first; you’re going to need our Bio Chain Cleaner for the job. Its unique, super-strong biodegradable formula breaks down oil and grease to leave the entire chain sparkling clean and contaminant-free. Spray on then agitate using our Motorcycle Chain Brush (which was designed specifically to clean all three sides of the chain simultaneously!). 

Now that your chain has been dealt with, it’s time to attack the rest of the bike. We’d always recommend a quick pre-rinse, especially if your bike is covered in dried up mud, before getting to the fun part: spraying our Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner foam on.

Our biodegradable formula was the first bike-specific cleaner on the market (first launched a whopping 25 years ago) and was designed with anti-corrosive additives to prevent rust and corrosion from settling in. It works on a molecular level to break dirt away into Nano-sized particles and you’ll be happy to know it’s also safe to use on all finishes. 

Simply spray on all over your motorbike, agitate using our range of brushes (we’d recommend our Soft Washing Brush for your flat surfaces and our Two Prong Brush for your wheels and other small, hard-to-reach components), then rinse the whole lot off to reveal a perfectly clean bike.


Wet weather = corrosion; and the only way to avoid this is to use appropriate protection.

Our range of protectant sprays not only leave a thin non-sticky protective film that protects your bike against corrosion and prevent dirt adhesion, but also leave your bike sparkling and looking factory fresh.

To protect your engine, casing and metal components from road salt and general winter grime, we recommend using our Motorcycle Protectant. This unique PTFE-free formula offers incredible water dispersion properties to prevent water and dirt sticking to your bike whilst remaining non-sticky to touch.

For your paintwork and plastic surfaces, we recommend switching over to our best-selling Silicone Shine. This versatile spray also doubles up as a friction reducer for suspension parts. Apply with a Muc-Off Microfibre Cloth for the ultimate silky-smooth finish.


As a motorcyclist, you’ll want a lube that is durable and efficient for the weather conditions in which you’re using your bike. Our in-house R&D team works closely with the likes of Scott Redding and the Factory Ducati WSBK Team and has put countless hours into developing the best motorcycle lubes possible.

For our current winter conditions, we’d recommend picking the Wet Chain Lube. It penetrates deep into the chain links to reduce friction and wear, even in the harshest conditions. The UV dye also allows you to check coverage and detect overspray using a UV torch!