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Acing The SAT

The official SAT test study guide will tell you what you're supposed to know before you walk into the exam room. It will sum up the content and explain the formats of the questions. You should certainly be familiar with it.

What the guide won't tell you though is how to ace the SAT when you aren't sure of the answer. That isn't because you can't do it; it's because they don't want you to know how to do it.

Ways To Ace The SAT

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1. Mindset As sayings have it, "It all starts in the mind." Condition your mind with a positive attitude. Take the exam with energy and focus. Do not entertain negative thoughts and do not let tough questions panic you. Remember, you can always go back to that question later and do the others first.

2. Skip Around
When taking exams, it is inevitable to encounter questions that will freeze you up, eat your time and give you the jitters. If you find such questions, do not panic. Panic usually causes one to experience mental block. Instead, try going to the next question and answer them. It will somehow lift your spirit.

3. Cross Out
When you are answering a question, immediately cross out the items that you think are incorrect. Cross out as many as possible so that the correct answer will become clear to you. However, if you find it confusing, choose the best pick from the remaining items.

4. Time Yourself
When reviewing at home, time yourself. In this way, you will know how long it takes you to finish a question or an entire section. Meanwhile, try to keep up with a steady rate of 1 minute per question.

5. Reading Tips
Briefly go through the questions before going through the passages. Be reminded that what you want to accomplish is to answer every question and not to understand entirely the whole passage. If a specific part of the passage is referred by the question, mark that part so that you will know what part to concentrate on.

6. Essay Tips
Though you don't need to study very much to answer the essay part, you should have a strategy in mind on how to answer it. Read and try to understand the topic first then organize your thoughts and make an outline. If you have finished the outline, begin writing the true essay.

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