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What You Need To Know About the PLACE?

Whichever subject you intend to teach, you'll find that passing the PLACE test will require you to make use of two sets of skills: recalling the knowledge that you possess; and answering exam questions quickly and accurately.

Both of these skill sets are vitally important. A good PLACE study guide can help you develop these skills.

What is the PLACE?

The PLACE is a number of different tests at least one of which you will need to take as you progress towards your goal of becoming a licensed teacher.

PLACE Test Exam
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These tests include examinations on a range of different subjects taught in Colorado schools as well as administrator and staff tests.

It's important then to make sure that you are familiar with the content requirements of your particular course. But it's no less important to pay attention to your exam strategy. Time management and the process of elimination will be important elements in getting the score you need to pass the PLACE and become a teacher.

Understand the Questions, Tackle the Challenge

Most PLACE questions are multiple-choice , and ask you to choose the best answer from four options. In these questions, it is important to remember that the best answer isn't necessarily the only correct answer. You may find that two answers look correct; one answer will be more correct than the other.

This also means that when two answers look the same, you've got a 50/50 chance of guessing the right one.
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