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Sample Questions

A father asks you when he should begin his child’s potty training. Which of the following is true:

A) A child should begin potty training as soon as s/he is 3 years old.
B) The most important aspect of potty training is giving praise.
C) The child must be able to understand instructions before toilet training can begin.
D) The most important considerations are the child’s mental and physical abilities.

A parent calls your floor after discovering that her child drank soapy dish water half an hour before. Which of the following should the nurse tell the parent?

NCLEX Test Exam
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A) Call the Poison Control Center.
B) Force the child to drink milk.
C) Bring the child to the ER as quickly as possible.
D) Not to worry, the child will be fine.

A nurse suffers a needlestick while treating an AIDS patient. What should the nurse do?

A) Talk to a counselor.
B) Start AZT treatment.
C) Make an appointment with a social worker.
D) Nothing.
  (D) Age is less important than ability.
  (A) The Poison Control Center is the best call for cases like these.
  (B) The nurse should begin prophylactic treatment immediately.
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