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Sample Questions

While examining a new mother, the mother asks you about PKU. Which of the following statements about PKU is true?

A) The effects of PKU cannot be reversed.
B) PKU does not cause mental problems.
C) PKU cannot be reliably detected by using the Guthrie test.
D) The urine will contain a low concentration of phenylpyruvic acid.

A thirty-year old blind patient has been admitted to your ward. Which of the following is your primary responsibility as charge nurse?

NCLEX Test Exam
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A) Inform your supervisor.
B) Communicate your patient’s needs to others.
C) Create a secure environment for the patient.
D) Contact a specialist.

A woman who is trying to get pregnant asks a nurse how she can increase her intake of folic acid. Which of the following foods contains the highest concentrations?

A) Potatoes.
B) Dairy products.
C) Green vegetables.
D) White meat.
  (A) The effects of PKU are permanent.
  (C) Your responsibility is always safety first!
  (C) Green vegetable (and liver) contain a large amount of folic acid.
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