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What's In The NCLEX-PN?

The NCLEX-PN is based on the test plan developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.
The Examination tests the knowledge, Skills and abilities required to apply the four phases of the nursing process described to meet the needs of the client having commonly occurring health problems characterized by the predictable outcomes.

Phases Of Nursing Process

1. Collecting Data:
The Practical nurse contributes to the development of the data base by observing the clients needs; collecting information from the client,the health team and the other sources; determining the need for more information and communicating his/her findings. The nurse then participates in formulating the nursing diagnosis.

2. Planning:
The Practical nurse contributes to the development of nursing care plan.assists in formulating goals and in identifying clients needs and nursing measures to meet the goals,communicates with the client and others in planning the nurse care, and communicates the clients needs that may require changing the care plan

3. Implementing:
The Practical nurse carries to basic therapeutic and preventive nursing measures as prescribed,provides a safe and effective environment,helps the client and others understand the care plan, and records and reports the client information.

4. Evaluating:
The Practical nurse participates in evaluating the effectiveness of nursing care and the clients responses to it, helps to implement the appropriate change,evaluates the extent to which specific goals of the care plan are achieved, and records and describes the clients responses to care

The percentage of questions on the NCLEX-PN that are based on various phases are as follows:
Collecting Data:25-35%

Because the entry level nurse acts more independently when collecting the data and implementing, these phases are given more weight in the exam
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Pick your weakest areas and concentrate your review time on those

Picking Your Letters

Pay special attention to learning jargon and acronyms. The examiners will expect you to be able to identify scores of different groups of letters and understand their meaning.

One good study tactic for the NCLEX exam is simply to make a separate list of all the acronyms and specialized terminology you meet during your review and learn them like a vocabulary list. You can then use that list to test yourself on the meaning of each acronym and at the same time, write down what you know about each one.

Learn Lab Data

You should do the same with lab data. Often, you’ll be able to use the process of elimination to knock out outrageous-looking lab results offered as an answer choice, but there will likely be times when all of the answers look possible. Know what the typical results of common lab tests are and you’ll know the answer.

Forget The Time

The exam lasts a total of five hours, and is intended to give you all the time you need to complete each question.

If you don’t know the answer, feel free to guess but don’t let yourself feel constrained by time pressures!
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