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MAT Test Preparation -- How To Prepare For Your MAT Exam

One of the reasons that people like the MAT more than other exams is that it's difficult to prepare for. You can't possibly learn all there is to know about mathematics or natural sciences -- and it wouldn't do you a great deal of good if you tried: knowledge is only one part of what the exam is testing.

But that doesn't mean you can't prepare for your MAT exam to dramatically boost your score and ensure you get into the graduate program of your choice.

The MAT test asks you to identify the relationship between pairs of words. But the number of relationships the MAT exam uses are limited. If you can become familiar with the relationships used in the MAT exam, you'll find it much easier to identify the correct answer. There are three main types of relationship: meaning, inclusion and association... and lots of sub-divisions:

MAT Test Exam
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Meaning relationships may ask you to prove synonyms or antonyms, relationships of intensity or the missing part of a word.

Inclusion relationships are to do with categories and membership. You will be asked to identify the word that could "belong" to another.

Association relationships usually involve nouns and can include transformations, characteristics, order or agent/objects.

The only way to become familiar with each of these types of relationships is to see them in sample questions and practice them. A MAT test preparation program called the MAT Comprehensive Success System explains precisely how these relationships work, how to identify them... and how to find the right answer quickly.

But success on the MAT doesn't just involve preparation. What you do on the day will define your chances of Acing Your MAT.
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