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Acing Your MAT

The MAT tests reason and knowledge. But it also tests your exam technique. Knowing how to approach the questions in the MAT exam will add some valuable points to your score.

The first thing to do when you see a MAT test question is to identify the pairs. Is the first term related to the second term or the third term? (TIP: The first term will never be related to the fourth term.)

Once you've done that, there are five other methods that you can use to steer yourself to the right answer and conquer your MAT exam:

5 Ways To Ace The MAT

MAT Test Exam
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1. Try To Think Of The MAT Test Answer Yourself

The MAT exam answer choices in the exam tend to be pretty confusing. They're meant to be. They'll look similar and they can throw you off course. Before you even look at the options, try to think about what the correct MAT test answer should be. That will save you time trying to figure out whether the correct answer is "calf" or "calves."

2. Change The Meaning Your MAT Test Question

The examiners want to see if you can think creatively and some of the questions will use words with more than one meaning. "Pavlova" for example, is both the name of a dancer and the name of a cake. "Brook" can mean "stream" or "accept". If you can't identify the relationship try to think of a different meaning for the words and see if you can spot a new relationship.

3. Follow The Part Of Speech to Succeed on Your MAT Test

The correct analogy will have the same parts of speech as the model. If the model analogy for example, is made up of verb: noun, then the correct answer will also be verb: noun. Knowing that should help you to cut down the options help your MAT score.

4. Use The Process Of Elimination on the MAT Exam

One of the best things about the MAT is that you have to choose one answer from four. That gives you a good start. Every wrong MAT exam answer you can eliminate increases your odds of guessing right by 25 percent. If you don't know the correct answer, cut down the options and guess. You don't lose points on the MAT test for guessing wrong but you will lose marks for not answering.

5. Do The Easy MAT Questions First

Some of the questions on the MAT you'll find very easy; others will strain your brain. Do the easy MAT test questions first so that you can come back to the tough ones and spend more time on them. On average, you have just 30 seconds for each question but if you can solve some in five seconds you can spend the extra time on the tough nuts.

Those are just five simple tactics you can use to ace the MAT test. There are dozens of others and you'll need them all to get yourself a place at graduate school. To learn all the tactics you need, and to make sure that your MAT test preparation is right on track, check out this MAT Study Guide and MAT test tutoring program now and move yourself toward the graduate school you want.
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