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What You Need To Know About The MAT

The MAT is unlike any other exam you may have taken. Many people actually say they enjoy the MAT! To pass the MAT test, you will need to make use of three sets of skills: analysis, general knowledge... and test-taking techniques.

All of these skill sets are vitally important on your MAT test.

What is the MAT?

The MAT is intended to show that you have both knowledge and the ability to use it. While most exams simply test how much you can remember, the MAT examines your ability to assess information and draw reasoned conclusions. You will need to know facts and information, but you will also need to think quickly and well.

MAT Test Exam
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Will You Have Enough Time to Answer all MAT Test Questions?

You will only have about 30 seconds to answer each MAT test question and all the questions take the same format: they are written as analogies for which you are asked to supply the missing term.

For example:

WOLF : SHEEP :: BLUE WHALE : (a. cheese, b. krill, c. dolphin, d. fish)

This simple example can be described as "A wolf is to sheep what a Blue Whale is to...". To answer the question, you first have to identify the pair, then identify their relationship and finally choose the answer. (Krill are eaten by Blue Whales as sheep are eaten by wolves.)

The MAT test questions will cover a huge range of subjects, including: . Vocabulary and Language;
. Social Sciences;
. Natural Sciences;
. Mathematics.

Good MAT exam techniques will be an important element in getting the score you need to pass the MAT exam and take your place at graduate school.

One Type Of MAT Test Question, Three Types Of MAT Exam Challenges

Although MAT exam questions come in just one form, they test three different skills. Your ability to handle MAT exam multiple-choice questions will be as important as your general knowledge and your reasoning skills. In these questions, it is important to remember that the best answer isn't necessarily the only correct answer. The process of elimination will be vitally important for lifting your MAT test score.
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