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GMAT Test Preparation -- How To Study Fast And Effectively

Start studying for GMAT a year before beginning to apply to business schools. This is because the GMAT can be a big challenge, especially if you haven't reviewed high school math or written essays in a while. The GMAT requires critical thinking skills that don't come naturally to most people. So give yourself time to prepare, test, and possibly re-test if necessary.

There are a number of effective techniques that you can use to fill your head with the information you need to breeze through your GMAT exam.

GMAT has the following types of questions:

  • Verbal- Sentence Correction questions test grammar and expression- Critical Thinking questions typically test logical thinking- Reading Comprehension questions test your ability to read critically.
  • Quantitative- Problem Solving questions test your quantitative reasoning ability- Data Sufficiency questions test your quantitative reasoning ability using an unusual set of directions.
  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is the essay component. It consists of two 30 minute writing exercises: - One "prompt" or topic asks you to analyze an issue. - A second "prompt" or topic asks you to analyze an argument

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Top Methods to Quickly Complete GMAT Test Preparation

1. Organize Your Priorities on the GMAT

No one excels at everything. There will inevitably be some skills at which you are stronger and others at which you are weaker. Often, people can understand more than they can speak and read better than they can write. You’ll need to make sure that you spend more time practicing your weaker areas than your stronger ones.

2. Read the Questions Carefully

An undisciplined test taker will feel the stress of the clock during the timed sections and will try to cut corners to save time, wherever and whenever possible. As a result, he or she often misinterprets questions. GMAT test writers are well aware of this dynamic, and happy to capitalize on it. We guarantee that you will encounter questions on the GMAT that include incorrect answer choices that were deliberately designed to exploit likely misinterpretations of what the question is really asking.

3. Practice Makes Perfect on the GMAT

The main way to develop GMAT time management skills is to practice taking the test. You will repeatedly see us return to the theme of practice throughout this website. It is very hard to overstate its importance. Therefore you are strongly encouraged to take at least a few mock GMAT exams, in the computer-adaptive format and to try to simulate the actual testing environment.
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