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GED Test Preparation -- How To Study Fast And Effectively

There are many different ways in which one can prepare to take the GED test. GED test prep books are available in bookstores while many communities offer free GED test prep classes. Many local libraries have free GED test prep resources, as do most state employment agencies.

Top Methods to Quickly Complete GED Test Preparation

There are a number of effective techniques that you can use to fill your head with the information you need to breeze through your GED exam.
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1. Organize Your Priorities on the GED

No one excels at everything. There will inevitably be some skills at which you are stronger and others at which you are weaker. Often, people can understand more than they can speak and read better than they can write. You'll need to make sure that you spend more time practicing your weaker areas than your stronger ones.
2. Take a practice test

There are a number of quite good ones on the market. Pick two, it really doesn’t matter which, and take a practice exam from each book. Why not just one? Because there can be a wide variation in what is on the practice exam. If you pass a particular area on both exams by a substantial margin, it is safe to assume that you can spend your time elsewhere studying other subjects.

3. Answer All the Questions

There's no wrong answer penalty on the GED. So if you don't Know. Guess. If you leave a question Blank you are guaranteed to get zero points.If You have to guess you have 20% chance of getting the question right

4. Keep an Eye On Time

Don't spend too much time on any one question. Choose your best answer and move on. Come back to troublesome question late if you have time.

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