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What You Need To Know About Your GED

The GED test is developed by the General Educational Development Testing Service of the American Council on Education (ACE) and delivered by boards of education of states or their licensees. Although the term "GED test" is often used, students must pass 5 individual tests in order to obtain their GED. These are known collectively as the testing battery.

All those 5 tests are vitally important.

What is the GED?

The GED or General Educational Development test is a test that measures one's academic knowledge and is administered to those seeking to obtain what is commonly referred to as a high school equivalency diploma.

The 5 Tests in the battery are

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Language Arts, Writing test is further divided into part I and part II.

part I covers sentence structure, organization, usage, and mechanics. Students are provided with passages which they are then asked to correct or improve according to Edited American English standards, or equivalent standards in the French version of the test offered in Canada.

part II of the Language Arts, Writing test requires the student to write an essay. Students have 45 minutes to complete the essay, though anyone who finishes part I early can add the remaining time from that portion to their essay writing period. A passing essay must have at least 5 paragraphs and must contain a clearly defined introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction must contain a thesis statement as well as preview sentences of the body. The body should contain three paragraphs, each containing separate yet related ideas that develop the main idea. The final paragraph must adequately and coherently summarize the whole essay.

Social Studies test covers a broad area.25% of the test focuses on American history, 15% on world history, 25% on civics and government, 20% on economics, and 15% on geography. Students are given 70 minutes to answer the 50 questions asked on the Social Studies test.

Science test which contains 50 questions that must be answered in 80 minutes, contains questions about life science (45%), earth and space science (20%), and physical science (35%).

Language Arts, Reading test contains 40 questions that must be answered within 65 minutes. Passages from various texts are provided, after which students are asked to think critically about the subjects, characters, and ideas presented and answer approximately 5 questions about each passage. The questions asked are used to judge a students level of comprehension as well as their skills with application, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.

Mathematics test has 50 questions, to which students have 90 minutes to respond, are divided in half, with the first half being calculator-optional.The Mathematics test focuses on four main mathematical disciplines: numbers and operations (20-30%), measurement and data analysis (20-30%), algebra (20-30%), and geometry (20-30%). Approximately 20% of the test uses standard grids and coordinate plane; these questions are not multiple choice.

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