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Tips To Pass The CLEP

Success on any exam always results from a combination of subject knowledge and exam technique. That’s particularly true of the CLEP test. The most important things to bear in mind when you take the CLEP test are:

 1. The answers are multiple choice (usually out of five);
 2. Wrong answers are penalized; unanswered questions are not;
 3. Awards are only pass/fail, not a letter or number grade.

Those facts have three important consequences:

1. Don't Guess!

CLEP Test Exam
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The fact that wrong questions are penalized on the CLEP test eliminates one of the greatest advantages of multiple choice questions: usually, if you can eliminate the obviously wrong answers, you can leave yourself with a chance of guessing the right answer that’s as high as 50 percent. Wrong guesses on the CLEP test cancel out correct guesses.

Instead of using the process of elimination then, the best approach on the CLEP exam is to try to answer the question in your head first, then look for the correct answer in the options. If you see itchoose it. Otherwise, move on.

2. Take Your Time

Not completing the test won’t increase your score but it won’t really damage it either. Then again, rushing through the last questions and getting more wrong may cancel out some of the answers you’ve already got right. It’s better to do half a paper well than the full paper badly.

3. Shoot Low!

One of the biggest differences between the CLEP and most other exams you might have taken is that on a CLEP it pays to scrape by with a passing score. You don’t need to answer every question on the paper, and you don’t need to get them all right to win your credits. Someone who gets one more correct answer than needed to pass gets the same number of college credits as the person who gets them all right.

Figure out how many questions you need to get right to pass your exam and be sure to answer that many questions with confidence. Add about five more for security and consider any additional correct answers a bonus! Start preparing for your CLEP test success now!
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