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Sample Questions

Natural Sciences:

Which of the following periods is the earliest?

(A) Pleistocene
(B) Jurassic
(C) Cretaceous
(D) Permian
(E) Eocene

Social Sciences and History:

What were the consequences of the 1773 Tea Act?

CLEP Test Exam
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(A) Sales tax was removed from tea, leading to increased imports from India.
(B) An import tax was added to tea, resulting in a drop in tea consumption.
(C) Tea could be sold directly to colonists, bypassing wholesalers.
(D) Sales of tea were prohibited without a sales license.
(E) The sale of tea was completely prohibited.

The main reason that Maryland was more likely to support the American Revolution than South Carolina was that:

(A) South Carolina contained more blacks than Maryland.
(B) Maryland contained more residents of Scotch-Irish descent.
(C) The Anglican church was stronger in South Carolina than in Maryland.
(D) Maryland had more tenant farmers than South Carolina.
(E) South Carolina had more tenant farmers than Maryland.
 Natural Sciences:
 (D) The Permian Period is the earliest.
 Social Sciences and History:
 (C) The 1773 Tea Act allowed the East India Company to sell directly to colonists.
 (A) South Carolina had more blacks than Maryland.
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