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How To Tell If The CLEP Is For You

The CLEP allows students to turn their knowledge and abilities into academic credits that count towards a college degree. The CLEP isn't intended to replace academic learning though; it's simply meant to allow people to receive credit for the knowledge that they already have.

The CLEP is best for people who fit into one of the following categories:

High school graduates with good scores.

Many college freshman classes simply review and repeat material covered in high school. Students who received high scores in those subjects may find that they really don’t need to take these classeseven though they do need credit for them. Credits awarded through CLEP may allow them to advance faster and get more from their college experience.

CLEP Test Exam
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Working professionals.

CLEP is particularly useful for people who need a college degree as quickly as possible to improve their career. Working professionals have gathered a wide range of experience and knowledge for which they can receive academic credits. That means less time studying and faster promotions.

Former students short of credits.

Not everyone exits college with all the credits they need for a degree. If you were just a few credits short when you left college, taking a CLEP could give you the extra credits you needand finally land you the degree you deserve!

If you fit any of these categories then the CLEP can help you win an academic degree quickly.
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