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What You Need To Know About Your ACT Test

Passing the ACT test will require you to make use of two sets of skills: recalling the knowledge that you possess about the ACT exam; and answering exam questions quickly and accurately. Both of these skill sets are vitally important.

What is the ACT?
The ACT is a multiple choice test. The ACT test takes 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete, and it contains four parts:

The ACT tests cover English, Mathematics, Reading and Science.

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1. English
The ACT English Test assesses mastery of the understanding and skills needed to write well. The test is comprised of 75 questions which cover both written skills and rhetorical skills. The written skills include punctuation, grammar and usage, and sentence structure, while the rhetorical skills test strategy, organization, and style. There are five passages in this section, with a set of questions following each passage.

2. Math
The ACT Mathematics Test measures knowledge and understanding of mathematics, in particular.The math section consists of 60 questions, with 60 minutes given. This test is designed to test the mathematical skills of students acquired in courses up to the start of 12th grade. All questions are multiple choice, and all require you to use reasoning skills to solve practical mathematical problems. Most questions are completely separate from each other, however some may belong to sets of several questions (e.g., several questions based on the same graph). Knowledge of complex formulas are not required, however knowledge of basic formulas and computational skills are assumed as background for the problems

3. Reading
The ACT Reading Test measures your ability to understand materials similar to those read in college courses. The ACT Reading test consists of 40 questions which examine your reading comprehension. You have 35-minutes to complete this section, and it is generally recommended you spend no more than 2-3 minutes reading each passage, and about 25 seconds answering each question. Questions in this section ask you to derive meaning from texts by both examining what is implicitly stated and by reasoning to determine implicit meanings.

4. Science
The ACT Science Reasoning Test assesses your ability to think like a scientist. The ACT Science test consists of 40 questions and lasts 35 minutes. The test measures your interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem solving skills related to the natural sciences. Seven sets of scientific information are presented, each followed by a series of multiple choice questions.

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